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강원 랜드 슬롯 머신 시카고

"Burritt’s Rapids : A Hamlet Worthy of Shakespeare" (Maggie M, theWedge.LIVE)

I hope you find this website a useful tool to keep in touch with activities and events in and around the munity of Burritt's Rapids. While things often look quiet in this hamlet, you may be surprised to learn how many projects are underway to maintain and improve our buildings and facilities; to leverage and display it's resources and to bring people together to share and enjoy themselves.

This website is intended to serve the munity of Burritt's Rapids, and as such we will endeavor to keep it as up-to-date as possible. What we need from you is your input and feedback so that we know where to spend more effort and where to spend less effort.

Please explore the website to discover what it has to offer.

Inge van Gemeren,

Chair of the Burritt's Rapids munity Association

The Wedge.Live Article Oct 2019

Image courtesy of Ontario Festival of Small Halls and Aerographics Creative Services

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